Dolphin CAD/CAM USA makes customer service a priority.  Below you will find information on technical support and the annual support on demand service along with available training options.  These training opportunities are separate to standard support services and are highly recommended for accelerated learning.

Dolphin CAD/CAM USA offers services for the individual at all levels of know-how. Our goal is that all of our customers can use their CAD/CAM software and achieve the success they expect in a CAD/CAM product which results in faster throughput, reduced cycle times, superior finishes and efficient CNC production workflows at the most affordable costs in CAD/CAM.

 We recommend that all customers sign up for our extended Support On Demand service to ensure that we can continue to provide top quality service on an annual basis.  Thank you!

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cad cam software technical phone support

Support on demand will allow you to utilize our extensive support tools via e-mail.  Simply let us know the issues you are experiencing and we will gladly assist you through the process. Send us your Dolphin files or part and we will help troubleshoot the issue on hand.  In this industry, the goal is as little downtime as possible. 

  • Assistance with your Dolphin related files
  • In depth analysis of your issue on hand
  • Timely assistance to keep production up

 Cost: $300 per year

Call today 570-301-6750 for more information.

cad cam software cnc machine post processors

Dolphin CAD/CAM strives to have the most up to date and accurate post processors available for CNC machines around the world.  Browse through our post processor library to see if we have a post processor that suits your needs. 

If there is a particular post that you're looking for and cannot locate it on this website, please feel free to contact us.  New posts are customized and modified daily, so there is a possibility that your post processor in particular is not available just yet.

Call today 570-301-6750 for more information.

Upgrade to the Annual Dolphin CAD/CAM Support On Demand HERE

online cad cam software training

Specialized 1 on 1 online CAD/CAM training allows the end user to utilize support in a more direct fashion.   With the tools readily available, it will allow you to take a peek into our screen as we navigate through the feature rich options that Dolphin CAD/CAM provides.  By scheduling a training session you receive:

  • 1 hour training sessions based around your schedule to maximize production. 
  • Live remote help so each side is sharing the same screen
  • Area specific to help you ramp up where needed

Cost: $125 per hour

Call today 570-301-6750 for more information.

Online CAD CAM software training seminars for learning

Online CAD/CAM training seminars are the perfect solution to mastering the wide variety of features that Dolphin CAD/CAM provides.  Conveniently timed, this will greatly increase your production as it will allow for less down time and more machine time. 

Obviously in this industry, time equals money.

  • 1 hour seminars – 1 day per month
  • Broadens your overall knowledge of the Dolphin CAD/CAM software
  • Excellent learning tool for one or multiple users

 Cost: $100 per session

Call today 570-301-6750 for more information.