Wire EDM


Dolphin CAD CAM Wire EDM CNC Programming SoftwareDolphin Partmaster’s Wire Erosion Module is a specialised program preparation system for 2 and 4 axis Wire EDM machines. All geometry can be created in Part Master CAD or imported via DXF, IGES or STEP file. This means no programming language needs to be learned. Partmaster Wire EDM can cut 2 axis profiles, tapered profiles, and full 4 axis profiles. It will also automatically generate lead-in lead-out cuts to avoid “start pips”. Defining multiple passes is simplicity itself, just specify the number of passes and the offset amounts and the system will generate a complete program with all associated G41/G42 commands and generator settings. The software comes complete with a built-in RS232 module for sending and receiving programs to the machine tool.

Advanced Wire EDM Features & Functions:
  • Full Machine Tool Simulation
  • Import DXF, IGES and STEP files

Other Wire EDM Features & Functions:

  • 2 axis parallel profiles
  • Corner radii can be set to: – Cylindrical (Standard Conic). Conical (ISO) or by specifying the top and bottom radii (Programmable).
  • Tapered profiles. The wire angle can be changed at any point on the profile, or be changed whilst moving between points or around arcs.
  • 4 axis shapes, where you can define the top and bottom contours to be machined, the final shape may be altered by specifying synchronisation points or on a span-by-span basis.
  • Create multiple passes for roughing and finishing with reverse direction, changes to generator setting and wire offsets (G41/G42).
  • Create tag points before the end of the section to prevent the workpiece from falling.
  • Create lead-in and lead-out moves – Normal, Arc and Parallel.
  • Generate U and V in incremental or absolute dimensions.
  • Built in RS232 communication package with full drip feed facility.
  • Graphical verification, which can show if the maximum wire angle has been exceeded, or if taper cutting the wire “overcuts”.
  • Specify operator instructions to be output at any point in the NC program such as tagging.
  • Display the wire path in plan or isometric view points.
  • Customizable post-processor or choose from the range of standards supplied which include:- Agie. Charmilles. Fanuc. Sodick. Mitsubishi. Seibu. Ona. Japax.


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